08 July 2013

Weak Erection , The solution SXT 126

One of the biggest f**k up for a guy is if Mr Young isn't always in the mood 100% even if the mind and soul are willing.  Weak erections can be so bad for a guy that vaginal penetration is difficult and the cap of the penis cannot reach deep into the vagina for maximum female sexual satisfaction. The woman would always wonder if he isn't sexually attracted to her or if he already prematurely ejaculated. The only party that knows what truly is happening is the guy

There are so many physical and psychological reasons why a guy might be having weak erections. Read about these causes in earlier topics discussed (check the blog archive).
The solution to weak erection is quite simple and an easy way out is to take medications that can automatically improve your erectile function about 1hour before you have sex every time. Don't forget medications have side effects, eventually.
However, if you want a long lasting solution, I have put together these five steps to help you achieve and maintain a harder erection that is guaranteed to please madam.
1. Penxercise
In my dictionary, this means penile exercise. There are two types of the wonder exercise.
The first is the kegels exercise described earlier in the blog, it isn't only for women, I recommend it for men too.
The second form is a dance routine that makes you wine and twist your waist. This strengthens your core and erectile mechanisms for a stronger erection. Another advantage of this is burning the abdominal fat and flank fat to help you look trim and even more sexy. I recommend "kukere" and related songs lasting about 20 minutes to 1hour every morning before bath.
2. Reduce alcohol and cigarette smoking to the barest minimum.
If you are an alcoholic or chronic cigarette smoker, you can boast of your sexual performance and lie to your friends,but you cannot lie to your self when it's time for action. For most people, sexual performance improves when they quit smoking and drinking. Read more about the negative effects in earlier topics
3. Masturbation is a No-No!
Masturbation reduces your urge for vaginal penetration and thus unconsciously, you aren't in the mood for vaginal intercourse no matter how much you psych yourself. So please, reduce masturbation. And if you can't do this on your own, see a sexologist.
4.  Tight underwear kills your mojo, loose it!
They are sexy and indeed very sexy, but not fantastic for semen production and erectile function. We already discussed this in the blog (check the blog archive)
5. Be in charge during sex.
There are "manly" positions that puts you in control and psychologically gives you an upper edge during sex. The wheel barrow position, doggy and missionary positions helps you achieve a firmer erection and control of your ejaculation.  When a woman wants a favour or quick sex, she would offer to ride you and this makes you ejaculate quickly...yep, it's true. This however weakens your erection in the long run because there is no time for exercising your penile muscles that usually happens during sex. So let her ride you, but not often.
Other things worthy of note is to eat right, work out more and be stress free. These make you energetic and willing to take on the sex task as you please.
If you have a bad weak erection problem and would like an ultrafast solution without drugs, book an appointment today (doclaitan@gmail.com) and we'd help you through a five session therapy that is bound to change your sex life for good.
Doc Laitan