01 April 2013

Debating Oral Sex SXT 112

Oral sex is an interesting experience for most women but better than food for most men. It is an area most couples don't visit and when a partner asks for it, he/she is likely to be judged wrongly. 

What is oral sex?
When sex involves the use of the mouth, tongue,  lips, teeth or throat to stimulate the genitals, It is referred to as oral sex. It is also described as "going down". When performed on a female it is called Cunnilingus, and fellatio when done to a male (a.k.a blow job). Anilingus refers to oral stimulation of a person's anus, the anus is not referred to as a genital organ and I  haven't asked you to be kissing poop and be feeling cool with yourself (lol). Kissing of the neck, belly, hands or other non genital areas  are also not referred to as oral sex.

Benefits of oral sex
People may engage in oral sex as part of foreplay before sexual intercourse, during, or as intercourse with the sole aim of maximum sexual pleasure.

-Oral sex can create a spark in a relationship and this can help your partner see you as bold and daring. Women beware, men have been known to cheat on their spouses because of blow jobs. If he wants it, try it and make Mr Young happy. It takes between 5-15 minutes to make him "come" this way. If you get mouth fatigue easily while giving a blow job, get chocolate syrup or icecream, but the more you practice the better you get. Use a banana to practice If you must.

-Oral sex helps to reduce anxiety associated with Vaginismus (SXT 110). A woman is helped to relax and lubricate first before penetration. Most men don't know what to do with Miss Caro. What to do is act as if trying to penetrate the vagina with the tongue, kiss the vaginal Lips like you kiss the mouth, then lick as If it were Blue bunny Icecream. I particularly suggest you get icecream for maximum pleasure. It gives an initial shocking cold feeling but ecstatic pleasure.

-Oral sex may help to "buy time" for men with premature ejaculation. Give him a blow job and stop before orgasm, try this about three times before starting genital intercourse. This should be   reciprocated so the female partner doesn't feel left out emotionally. A man with premature ejaculation should also learn the act of cunnilingus to satisfy his sexual partner.

-Most women achieve orgasms not with genital intercourse but with cunnilingus or finger stimulation of the clitoris and labia. So If a woman has never achieved an orgasm during sexual intercourse, try oral sex.

-Oral sex as an alternative to genital intercourse if a "quickie" is necessary or if a partner is indisposed (menstruation, treating a genital infection etc).

-Oral sex can be used to achieve adequate penile erection or Vaginal wetness before intercourse. Do not make the place a river because you want to make her wet (lol), this can put her off.

-Oral sex can be used to achieve an initial orgasm thus prolonging sexual intercourse.

-Finally, it is difficult to get pregnant if most of male orgasm is achieved through oral sex, thus a good contraceptive method. 

It has been said that the chemicals in semen have stress reducing properties and thus help reduce depression in women . Most psychiatrist would disagree because since the active components of  most antidepressant drugs are not present in semen, it should not be regarded as beneficial for such purpose especially if depression is already established .

In all, oral sex is emotionally rewarding in people that already like the experience, it is intriguing for those new to it, and of course something pleasurable to look forward to before, during or after sex.

Health risks
Now in case you haven't heard, prepare to be shocked because oral sex has its risks!

-If you have HPV (human papilloma virus) and perform oral you may get throat (oropharyngeal) cancer, and this has particularly increased over the years.The obvious implication is that the virus is being spread by sex, and particularly by oral sex. The virus is also involved in cervical cancer. 
The risk of developing oropharyngeal cancer is associated with a history of having six or more sexual partners – and of having four or more oral sex partners. So for couples who practise oral sex with only each other, the risk is minimal.

- If a man has mouth sore(s) and the woman has bruises or viceversa, then HIV may be likely especially if done repeatedly. This is even more likely if the anus is involved and bruised.

-Perhaps there is increasing worry about getting STD chlamydia and gonorrhea through fellatio. A 2011 article in London found that one in every 25 female commercial sex workers had chlamydia in their throat and one in every 50 had unsuspected gonorrhea in their throat.

Most shy people don't like oral sex, some religious clerics  frown at the idea but most people agree that oral sex is great especially when limited to one partner.
What is your take on oral sex?  

Doc Laitan